Shea is the most impactful, space-holding, intuitive, bodywork therapist I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Shea’s ability to center and ground a safe space, work out kinks, encourage deep breath, feel out any deep knot, and laugh alongside me when i’m congested and snotty after being facedown on the table for an hour is absolute magic. I recommend Shea for anyone seeking an unlocking, a smoothing, a shifting of their current space and body arrangement — tended all the while by Shea’s soft (and often wonderfully strong) and supportive presence. Book this person, asap. Your money will be well spent, but your time with Shea will be of incalculable value.
— Susannah A.
I had my first Thai Massage with Shea today. It was so much more than I could have expected. Firstly, the healing space is beautiful with soft tones and inviting decor. Upon entry I instantly felt safe and at ease. Thai massage is performed fully clothed on a traditional Thai mat. As I laid down, allowing my body to be limp and relaxed, Shea used her hands, feet, legs, & torso to move my entire body into flowing stretches while compressing and massaging my muscles within the positions. At one point I was cuddled up on my side with a pillow between my legs and a pillow under my head while she massaged the muscles along my spine - It was so incredibly comfortable.. much more comfortable than I’ve ever felt in a table massage. Throughout the session Shea’s hands were so incredibly warm, I could feel the healing energy flowing through her to me. Towards the end of my session she incorporated a bit of her Visionary CranioSacral Therapy and that took my relaxation to a whole other level - mind melting! It was such a wonderful experience from start to finish. I left feeling relieved of tension, relaxed, and holding a new space of clarity in my mind and body. I highly highly recommend working with Shea, and I highly recommend her Thai Massage modality. You will not regret it in the least! Thank you, Shea!
— Myan A.

I am very grateful for Shea and the work she does. She is warm, intuitive, receptive, and kind. I have visited her twice now for integrative massage as well as craniosacral therapy. I had never tried craniosacral therapy before and did not know exactly what to expect. Shea created a safe, accepting space where I was able to trust the process. My experience was profound and powerful, and honestly not what I was expecting at all from such a gentle therapy. During and shortly after, I felt significant physical and emotional shifts. I left feeling more balanced, relaxed, and clear. Bodywork can sometimes feel vulnerable, so I am incredibly grateful to have found someone I can trust. I would absolutely recommend Shea.
— Jacqueline S.

Humble, kind, grounded, intuitive, genuine, these are just some of the qualities that describe Shea. Receiving a massage from her is not simply bodywork. Shea is holistic in her approach in that she tends to both your physical needs as well as your emotional and spiritual concerns. Her touch is magical and her intuitive sense of knowing just what areas of the body are calling for attention and what’s needed during the massage is simply awe inspiring. From her use of hot stones, cupping as well as aromatherapy, you are so lovingly cared for, you feel as if you’re nestled in a very sacred womb; a womb of healing, revitalization and most importantly tender, nurturing care. I highly recommend Shea if you are considering a massage therapist. Five stars is simply not enough to rate the quality of care she provides and the heart-centered healer she is.
— Amma Tanya

I’ve been getting cranial sacral with Shea for a couple of months now and I am in awe over the difference it has made in my life. Not only can my body move more freely without pinching in my spine, but I’ve been able to work through a lot of emotions that I have had buried for years. Shea has been an amazing person to walk through this journey of healing with. She is compassionate, insightful, intuitive, and sincere.
— Julia S.

Best massage I have received. The Thai massage has opened up and released parts of my body that has taken multiple sessions to even touch in the past. Shea is an intuitive healer and I am grateful to have found her!
— Caroline P.

Shea is a massage therapist whom I trust, and who does exceptional work. Lots of therapists claim to be “intuitive”, but Shea actually is. I’ve been a bodywork customer for over a decade. I’m picky about who I let work on me, and lemme tell ya - she gets my repeat business.

If you want to feel really, really nice in your body, let Shea work on you.
— Andrew W.

Shea was really a relief to find and and experience her work. I have had many massages for many years and there are only a few who exceed the norm. Shea is definitely on that list. She is very accommodating and listens very deeply to your body applying just the right amount of pressure to knotted areas. A pleasure to work with I highly recommend.
— Sean W.

Shea embodies healing, helping me to achieve a level of rest which is rare. She is both personable and professional, devoting herself to what I need from the moment she offers a greeting, until the moment I leave. Since beginning Thai Yoga my body has become more resilient and better tolerates the strain I put it under on a daily basis. I have become more self-aware and am learning to focus on the areas which needs healing. Each session has helped me become more in tune with what I need not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Shea has been instrumental in bringing about this change through her passion, sensitivity, and techniques. Almost anything can make a person more flexible, or iron out a lingering knot – but doing Thai Yoga will tap into something much more meaningful and permanent.

— Jason B.

Shea, the owner-proprietor, is the best! You get more than just a massage, you get advice from a talented healer. I have gotten two “therapeutic” massages from her, and they were amazing. Shea is very strong, able to get into the deep knots. She alternates her techniques, so I get some hot stones and cupping thrown in. I recommend the Thai herbal compresses, a modest add-on. I will be back, next time I’m in Asheville.

— Delaney H.

Shea is an incredibly talented healer. I went to see her for a Thai massage while passing through Asheville and I couldn’t be happier with her work. She used the perfect amount of pressure, was a great communicator, and totally eliminated my lower back pain. I will definitely go see her again the next time I’m in Asheville!

— Nora B.

In 1999 I broke my neck, and since this time it has felt like I have held a great deal of tension and pain in the muscles, ligaments, tissues, and fascia of my neck and shoulders. The pain has felt so deep, even going into the base of my skull...really, it has felt that the trauma impacted my whole nervous system, the way I breathe, my consciousness. I have seen a number of people who do bodywork since this time, but the difficulties have seemed so deep that this work would not get to the core of what has been going on at a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I have been truly amazed and inspired with hope to have found Shea, because in just a short period of time what she has done has helped me more than what I have found in 16 years! I truly believe that in each of us there is both an innate wisdom, as well as a latent capability to accept this state of being through our actions in what we choose to do with the time we have. In Shea, my experience is that not only is she an innately gifted healer, but that through her passion, caring, and commitment she has brought years of her own work and experience to what she does in a way that yields to transformative power. The experience for me is one of true healing in the best sense of what I think this term means. I have been able to move my neck in ways now that I have not been able to since my accident, and it feels as though the places where I have been holding pain can find a state of peace again. Deep constrictive energies that have been locked in this area are moving and being released. I am changing at a physical, emotional, and soul level through receiving this work. I feel gratitude in my heart beyond words for how Shea has helped me.
— Christian B.

About a year ago I treated myself to my first massage done by Shea. I was instantly put in a trance from the amount of physical, emotional, and energetic healing I received. I am currently moving away but just had one last visit with her so I could leave for my adventure feeling balanced and strong. Finding this practitioner was refreshing due to the amount of kindness and care she showed me. I fully recommend Metta Heart Healing Arts and I give my full gratitude to the people that dedicate there life path to this work.
— Bliss J.